Some background info of some rad videos that I’ve helped create….

Theotis Beasley – I Am Los Angeles. Filmed on location in Inglewood, Gardena and Westchester, CA (Berrics outdoor skateplaza)
Fellow Dutchman Joris DeBeij approached me on Twitter in late 2010. After a couple months of tweets, emails and phone calls he told me about his latest website, I Am Los Angeles. It was a bit tricky to get Theotis Beasley at the time since he was traveling a lot to film for his part in “Not Another Transworld Video“.
But in September 2011 I was able to set it all up.
It released exclusively on The Berrics on Sunday October 9th. The video got 30,000 views in the first 24 hours, and an additional 40,000 views on The Berrics in the 6 days after that. Joris posted the video on the I AM LA vimeo and website on Monday October 10th. I posted the Vimeo version on the Altamont website and social media platforms. So far (February 2012) the video got 27,500 views.
On October 20th 2011 I posted it on the Altamont YouTube and Vimeo channel. I never publised anywhere that the video was on the Altamont channels. The video is currently the 2nd most viewed video on the Altamont YouTUbe channel with 50,000 views (Feb 2012). The Vimeo version has 3,000 views (Feb 2012)

The whole piece was filmed in only a few hours.
Joris did an amazing job on the editing, and Theotis proved once again that he is one of the nicest people in skateboarding. All hail Thee Thee!

Bobby vs. The Edgar – Video part to promote The Edgar pro shoe.
This video part was planned to be released early August 2011, but when éS announced it’s hiatus ithe release was put on hold. (I was the marketing manager for éS at the time.)
The first few weeks it wasn’t sure if they part was going to be released (by éS), but mid September Bobby and Sole Tech agreed to get it out anyway. I talked to Ryan Ward at The Berrics and set up an exclusive 24 hours release on The Berrics website. Along with the video I set up an interview with Bobby on The Berrics and Ripped Laces did a review about the shoe, The Edgar.
* The part was supposed to have the Bad Brains song “Re-Ignition” in it. Scuba Steve got in contact with the band and they were down. But for 3 months Scuba, myself and brand manager Sebastian Palmer tried to get a hold of SST owner Greg Ginn (guitarist and found of Black Flag), but we didn’t succeed. The part was all done but the music couldn’t get cleared. Mike Manzoori made a new edit, this time with the Tommy Guerrero song.

Brandon Westgate – Shoe release party in Los Angeles, CA.
Emerica hosted a shoe release party for the release of The Westgate, the first pro model shoe for Brandon Westgate on Thursday January 20th 2011.
My good friend Eric Maldin was hired to film the party. I organized the guest list, rented the DJ stuff, picked up key media and teamriders at LAX, booked flights for Brandon and his family and handled all the hotels for everyone. A long day but one of the best ones I had while working for Emerica.
* Interesting side note: After a week the original video was taken down and replaced with another edit.

Collin Provost – Year Best Am party in Costa Mesa, CA.
Once again my good friend Eric Maldin filmed and edited this video. The Skateboard Mag set up this party at the Volcom house in Costa Mesa, CA. Everyone we interviewed in this video are amazing people.

Harley-Davidson Blackline test ride in Long Beach, CA.
Skateboarder Magazine invited Jamie Thomas, Brian “Slash” Hansen and Ben Gilley to come test ride the soon the be released new Blackline model. I heard about it fairly last minute but thanks to Jaime Owens I got to go along for the ride.

Wild in the Streets Utrecht (Holland), September 2006.
Even though most of the video is in Dutch, the shots speak for itself. Managed to get Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski out to Holland for this Emerica event that I put on. The Yard was one of the best spots Holland ever had. A few days before the event I built a rail over the big watergap with my homie Alwin. The event was a huge succes. Great weather, good turnout, some chaos with the cops and a ton of rad tricks on the rail and over the gap. Still one of the best days of my life.

More coming later….