Five Facebook Tips 10

Ok, here we are again. Due to major website issues (Lunar Pages sucks!) and a lot of work (which I’m so thankful for) it’s been a bit too long since I’ve done an update. It’s not that I ran out of tips, but this idea I had a year ago has become a reality quicker than I thought.

Anyway, with the news of Facebook hitting 1 billion users, I figured it was about damn time I did another update. So here’s 5 more tips and tricks.

1. Talking About This should be 10-15%
You can have all the fans/likes in the world, but if they don’t do anything it’s not worth shit. The “talking about this” number indicates the last 7 days that your fans have interacted with your page in some way. So people liking, commenting, sharing, tagging, etc. One of the main influencers of this number is by responding to everyone that posts on your way (“Post By Others”). Social media is all about being SOCIAL (interacting), not about being the MEDIA (spamming). So listen and respond to your fans, they are more than worth it.
If you need an example go to Corey Duffel’s Facebook page. The Duffman is all about interacting with his fans, in real life and with social media. Now if only brands would start taking their fans as serious as Corey, a lot more people would be stoked on your brand.

2. Use the new Facebook for Pages for app
Facebook is still not perfect on a mobile device, but they are slowly getting there. They still have too much options to squeeze in one app, but some of the main things are in this new app. I’m not a fan of adding another app to my home screen, but if it serves a purpose, I’m all about it. One of the things you still can’t do, and annoys the hell out of me, is taggin other fan pages.

Ps. Recently Facebook updated the regular Facebook app, and now you can’t post on a fan page from the app anymore. Get it!

3. Make sure your tabs work on a mobile device (otherwise don’t bother)
Yeah, those tabs (or apps/applications)…. They are not the magic you are looking for, and if you suck at social media they won’t help you suck less. But if you using Facebook right, they can be a big help. But people check Facebook 50% of the time from a mobile device (65% by the end of 2012?), and Timeline for Pages does not (yet) work on the mobile app, so if you post a link on your wall make sure the tab is mobile friendly. A frustrated fan, that can’t see what you want him to see, is not your goal.

This is what you see on a smart phone (iPhone) if you tab is not mobile friendly. And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if it doesn’t work on mobile, don’t waste your time!

4. Tag others when you can, every time you can.
There’s not trick of getting a ton of new fans quickly. And if you think you know a trick, it’s has to be fake. Growing Facebook fans takes time, hard work, and patience, just like growing a business. The best way to grow is by tagging other fan pages when you have a chance. Since your page is growing fans every day (right?) you have to make sure you inform the newbies. So don’t just think people know where your brand is sold, who is on your team, and what other brands and retailers you align with. And leave out the hella in-crowd cool talk. Once in a while won’t hurt, but you want to make sure the newbies feel at home, not estranged. So they can be a consumer for years to come.

To tag another page it helps to have the admin be a fan (like) the page you plan to tag. Adding the page your page’s favorites will help too. Type the “@” symbol and start typing the page name of the page you want to tag. (Yes, that;s why you need a good page name too)

*Please note that the tagging won’t always work (99% of the time it will) and you can’t tag personal profiles. So you won’t spam personal profiles, cause I know you want to.

5. Call to action, don’t just post an update
People see your stuff in their feed. Whether their on a mobile device or computer, people don’t really came to your Facebook page. So you have to make sure that if you do an update, it’s stands out one way or another. Not every time of course, mix shit up! But when you scroll through your newsfeed, most of the things you see are just whatever. So when you ask them a question, it will get people talking. Remember people are on social media to interact with their friends. And the best way to get to know new people is to start interaction with them. Asking questions sparks interaction. And it’s direct feedback from your consumers!

Below an example of a post on the Facebook page of David Gonzalez (that I did) regarding his 3 signature Ricta wheels. A Facebook post gets seen by an average of 10-16% of your fans, this post was seen by more then 50% of David’s fans. And it got a lot of likes, comments and share. Ow, and Ricta gained twice as much fans as on any other day. (cause it was tagged)