Social Media At Agenda LBC

Last Thursday and Friday the Agenda tradeshow was held at the Long Beach convention center.

Shop owners, buyers, distributors, skateboarders and lurkers from all over the world came out to Long Beach, CA to see to new Fall/Winter 2012 collections from all the brands. Since ASR called it quits last year Agenda has become the new ASR. But even though the security guards told people not to skate inside (lame), the energy and vibe at the show was really good.

I helped out eswic with a social media contest to create some interaction between the new brand and the visitors of the show (I’ll post a review of that later), so I was curios to see what the other brands were doing with social media at the show.

The Agenda Show did a good job telling all their visitors about where you could find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, by various signs throughout the show, as well as a full page “ad” in the booklet of the show (on the floor in the picture above). And bonus props to Agenda for having the same username on all 3 platforms!

On Thursday morning Jim Thiebaud of DLXSF posted on his Instagram (and Twitter) about a giveaway with Ishod Wair’s new pro model (of Real). Even though it was narrowed down to the Thursday between 1-2pm, when Ishod would be a the booth, I was curious the see how many people would show up.
But unfortunately the thing was called off because they got too busy with the shooting range they had at the booth. The shooting range was also a great example of (real) interaction btw.
Jim has a good amount of followers on Twitter and Instragram, many of them who are shop owners, the Ishod thing would have attracted a decent amount of people for sure.

I tried the shooting range myself and aimed for the twitter shout out by Jim with all 5 shots, but didn’t hit the target. Dutch people are not as used to shooting guns as Americans, so that’s my excuse. Did you shoot and win anything?

Overall I was surprised, or should I say disappointed, that none of the other brands had any social media interaction planned. Or if they had it wasn’t displayed properly. For a brand to have all these shop people, media and friends walk in/by your booth, you thought these brands would for sure want to interact with all these people at the show. Or at least inform them where they could find them on the various social media platforms so they can keep them updated in the future…. Maybe at the next tradeshow?