DGK Instagram Ad

DGK starts off 2012 by setting the standards. Or should I say they start of by being smarter than everyone else? As if you weren’t convinced that social media took over in 2011, you surely know it will be your main focus for 2012 right?

I still can’t believe I keep seeing ad after ad in the various skateboard magazines that don’t have the URLs spelled out to their social media platforms. Don’t these brands want to communicate/interact with their fan base, their consumers, their brand ambassadors? Print ads are (nearly) dead and way too expensive, and I don’t think DGK gained a ton of followers from this ad, but at least they recognize the current state of consumer communication.

With more than 800 million people on Facebook (55% of the online world population), 300 million people on Twitter, and 15 million people on Instagram (iPhone only still) you would think you’d find your consumers there. Maybe, just maybe, not all of them, but most of them….

Check out DGK skateboards on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And more importantly, they actually care about what you have to say, so interact with them if you have a question or want to say something. Nice one guys!