Resume & References

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Sole Technology Inc., Lake Forest, CA. (June 2010 – December 2011)
Marketing Manager éS, Emerica and Altamont
• Work with brand managers on executing marketing strategies.
• Update, regulate and maintain websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo daily.
• Set up and help run Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts for various teamriders of éS, Emerica and Altamont
• Team manager for Altamont; talked to riders, sending product, track photo incentive, setting up interviews, booked flights/hotel, etc.
• Dealt with various endemic and non-endemic magazines and stylists, for PR and product placement.
• Coming up with contests, running them, select winners, get affidavit signatures and ship product.
• Help plan and execute tours and events, signings, concerts.
• Dealing with all music and art collaborators: Lil Wayne, GWAR, Anton Corbijn, No Age, Pushead, NECKFACE, Patrick O’Dell, FOS.

EDR (now Eaglerider) motorcycle rentals, Costa Mesa, CA. (April 2009 – May 2010)
Sales/Marketing/Customer service
• Assisting people with motorcycle rentals.
• Organize events, design flyers and promote events,
• Update website and all social media.

Capital distribution, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (July 2007 – May 2008)
Sales/Marketing/Team/Distribution Manager
• Secured brands at a distribution level for the Netherlands/Belgium upon sale of Left Distribution.
• Managed all sales, marketing, and teams for all brands under Capital Distribution.
• Established a team of skateboarders for the distributed brands.
• Hosted the Osiris team in December 2007 with a tour to promote the “Feed The Need” video in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Sole Technology Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (June 2006 – June 2007)
Marketing and Team Manager Netherlands/Marketing Assistant Europe
• Created marketing plans for éS, Emerica and etnies for the Netherlands
• Established marketing budget: team, promo, and events
• Dealt with various European endemic and non-endemic magazines for advertising and PR
• Seeded MTV VJs and various television celebrities with etnies product
• Arranged and executed Wild in the Streets for Holland in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
The 2007 event was to save Holland’s most famous skate spot, The Yard. Managed to fly Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranksi out to support the cause.
• Coordinated the 2007 éS Game of SKATE events across all European countries with a final in Milan, Italy.

Left distribution, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (September 2002 – May 2006)
Sales & Marketing Manager
• éS, Emerica, Deluxe and Baker sales rep.
• Set up and hosted the éS Game of Skate in Holland annually from 2003 to 2006.
• Handled applications and promotion for sponsoring events.
• Updated the Left website on a daily basis, which was the biggest Dutch skateboard website at the time.
• Started building teams for all 3 Sole Tech brands in 2003. Some riders are known in the USA now.
• Hosted Emerica team in May 2004 & July 2005, éS team in July 2004. Arranged all logistics and promotion.
• Sales, marketing and team handling for all Deluxe brands and Baker skateboards in Holland.

Skatepark NYC, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. (September 1999 – August 2000)
Creator & Founder
• Biggest indoor skatepark at the time in the Netherlands
• Organized and hosted multiple national skateboard contest
• Hosted a Deca demo with Neal Mims, JB Gillet and Enrique Lorenzo

Technical Skills:
• Specialist with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Google Plus.
• Basic WordPress and HTML knowledge
• Windows XP Office, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
• Fluent in English and Dutch and basic knowledge of German and some French

• SKATEBOARDING, MOTORCYCLES, MUSIC, traveling, surfing, snowboarding, internet, setting up events and skateboard trips, design and technology.
Creator and founder of


“Our industry is predominately filled with two types of individuals: the guys who know skate, and the guys who really understand the business. Seldom do we find the employee that truly ‘gets’ both. These are the guys with the knowledge, the passion and the big picture understanding that delivers results. Fred is that rare asset within an organization that has both sides of the coin covered.”
Justin Regan, ex-Altamont & Emerica brand manager, currently Vans skate marketing manager.

“Respectful, laid back and easy to talk to.”
Theotis Beasley, professional skateboarder.

“Anytime I ever needed anything Fred has been there for me, whether he was in Europe or the US. He’s a hard worker and a radical guy.”
Corey Duffel, professional skateboarder.

“Fred has been instrumental in keeping my audience connected to my products and notable events in my career. His proficiency in social media has allowed me to broaden my fan base and maintain a relationship with a web-centric audience based on an extreme loyalty to me, skateboarding, and above all else, my sponsors.”
Garret Hill, professional skateboarder.

“It’s sometimes rare in our industry to come across someone who not only skates a lot, but who also has a proud and strong work ethic. But Fred van Schie, one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent, and downright nicest guys I’ve come to know in the past few years is a rare breed of disillusioned skate rat and diligent worker. Simply put, Fred rules, is amazingly simple to work with, and has more passion for skateboarding in his heart than anyone I know.”
Kevin Duffel, associate editor, Transworld SKATEboarding.

Working with Fred on éS was awesome and the brand instantly grew on all social media sites. He worked really well with the team and was a great asset to the brand. I could always rely on an honest opinion and constructive feedback.
Mike Kubota, ex-éS footwear product manger, currently etnies skate product manager.

“Fred van Schie is a public relations and social media powerhouse. He’s an expert in the existing tools and technologies as well as an agent of change for the future of social interaction. The first person I’d hire for a marketing team. A top pro.”
Rob White, ex-éS art director, currently etnies skate graphic designer.

“I have known Fred van Schie for quite a while now and aside from being on point, hardworking and dedicated he is in many ways just like skateboarding where he is not justified through words alone.”
Andrew Mecum, international sales manager at Deluxe.

“Fred is a great man! Very well organized, patient, and easy going. He took good care of the Osiris team in December 2007 and showed us the finer points of Holland and Belgium with a smile on his face at all times. Fred van Schie is poised for victory at all times.”
Mike Fitzgerald, ex-Marketing Manager at Osiris, now sales manager at Transworld SKATEboarding.

“One of the hardest working guys ever in the Dutch skateboard scene.”
John Deurholt, filmer/editor/presenter of Iskateboard VIDcast.

“Sales rep extrordinaire and all around nice guy. Would have made my job a lot easier if he was still working in Europe.”
David Jadin, co-owner & buyer at Steve’s skateshop in Oostende, Belgium.

“Relentlessly dedicated to making real skateboarding happen. Fred has his fingers on the pulse and knows how to make it happen for brands that need to tap into that energy.”
Bas Rotgans, ex-events & marketing manager Red Bull Holland.

“Dedicated, Passionate, Workhorse, Fun, 100% Skateboarding, Next Level. Fred’s impact on the Dutch and Belgium skateboard scene and market is far greater then all of the other parties combined.”
John Boot, owner of Capital distribution and LEFT skateshop.

“I met Fred five years ago in Holland. He knows skateboarding and cares about the industry and the riders involved. He definitely gives 100% to make skateboarding keep moving forward in a positive way. He works hard to help riders and teams to feel comfortable in his environment. He is a positive force in the industry.”
Dennis Loy, father of David Loy, amateur skateboarder for Birdhouse.


Media I’ve worked with:
Thrasher magazine
Transworld Skateboarding
The Skateboard Mag
Skateboarder Magazine
The Berrics
Hella Clips
Juice magazine
SLAP magazine
Color Magazine
Vice magazine
Monster Children
W magazine
New York Times magazine

Accounts I’ve worked with:
FTC (San Francisco, CA)
Pitcrew (Frederick, MA)
Pacific Drive (San Diego, CA)
303 (Denver, CO)
Skatepark of Tampa (Tampa, FL)
KCDC (Brooklyn, NY)
Epidemic (Palm Springs, CA)
Goods (Seattle, WA)
Tactics (Eugene, OR)

Brands I’ve worked with:
Alien Workshop
Flip skateboards
NHS (Santa Cruz, Independent, Ricta, Mob)
Baker Boys (Baker, Deathwish, Shakejunt)
Black Box (Fallen, Zero, Mystery, Slave)
Deluxe (Real, Anti-Hero, Krooked, Thunder, Spitfire)
Girl skateboards
Nixon watches
Osiris shoes
Nike SB
PBR beer
Stance socks