Five Facebook Tips 11

Here are some more Facebook tips and tricks that could help your Facebook Page grow and also reach more people. On average 8% of your fans see your updates, but there are some easy ways to increase this number. And with that reach more past/present/future consumers.


1. Your “Talking About This” number is more important then your “Likes”
So you have all these likes/fans on your Facebook page, but what are these users doing with your posts? And how are you interacting with them? Being social is key in social media!
The goal I’ve set (for my clients) is to get the “Talking About This” number up to 10-15% of your total amount of likes/fans, as this has a big impact on how many fans see your posts (Post Reach). And this is not easy. It also requires work. And time. And patience. This is a marathon, not a spring, and I know you can do it.
The “Talking About This” number measures the amount of people that have interact with your posts in the last 7 days. So it changes daily. And if people don’t like, comment, or share your post, the chance that they will see a future post goes down too. Facebook thinks that if fans not interact with a post now, they must not like the stuff you are posting. So why would they want to see you’re next post if your current one doesn’t interest them?


2. Turn-off your messages
There is no need for your social media person to start messaging/emailing back with single fans on a daily basis. Turn off your messages and make sure your “Post By Others” wall is turned on. Now your fans can post questions/comments/complaints on there, and you have a chance to respond to them in public. So there’s less chance you get asked the same things on a daily basis, cause you already posted the answer on a similar question earlier. You will have to reply to the same questions over and over again, but less then if you leave your messages on. People also won’t go back and forth with you in public (on the “Post By Other” wall) then in a private (Facebook) message.

3. Keep your “Post By Others” wall on
This is a big one for me. Giving people a chance to talk to you (and about you) gives you a chance to interact with them. And built a relationship, so it’s not just a one-off type of thing.
And yes, not all the stuff people say about you is pretty. The “Post By Others” wall will show the good, the bad, and the ugly. So be ready, but don’t be afraid.
“Do I delete complaints?” some of you might ask? Hell no! Man the fuck up! For everyone to see! What are you trying to hide otherwise?
The only things you want to delete of the “Post By Others” wall is spam and discriminating stuff of any kind. For any type of reasonable complaint, just man up, apologize, and offer a solution. If needed you can give them an email address to take it offline. Saying sorry and showing that you care means a lot to people.
People know things go wrong, whether it’s shipping or product failing. Showing, in public, that you are taking care off these issues will only improve your brand image.
Turning off your “Post By Others” wall will force people to go somewhere else (forums/websites/Yelp/etc…) where you might not be able to contact them as good as on Facebook. And what does tell about your brand anyway? “We don’t like to interact with our past/present/future consumers.” Who would want to send out that message?


4. Respond to all the things people post on the “Post By Others” wall
It’s not really about what you post, it’s how you interact. Having the option to interact with your past/present/future consumers is what makes social media such a valuable tool. Again, it gives you a chance to built a relationship, and you can turn a one-time buyer into a lifetime consumer, and, even better, a brand advocate.
So reply to all the things people post. Whether they posted a photo showing they just bought your product, or if they’re asking for stickers/advice, or if they shared a video with you. Keep it short and simple. Saying “thank you (for the support)” goes a looooong way!
And your “Post By Others” wall also shows who has tagged you on Facebook, from another Page and from a personal profile. See you know who’s sending their fans your way, and who you have to email/call to make sure they tag you next time!














5. Post interactive posts
In order to increase your Post Reach, and your “Talking About This”, you need people to like, comment, and share your posts. If they do that the chance that they will see your future posts will increase as well. So ask them a question, show 2 different products, ask them for feedback, etc. And with your current fans interacting with your post, their friends will notice that too, and then they’ll come over to check out your page, and possibly become a fan.
Our friends are always are best filter for thing, especially in a time where we get overwhelmed with content, ads, emails, text messages, billboards, etc. So have your current fans tell their friends about you, and you’re golden. Word of mouth still is the best form of advertising. And social media puts word of mouth on steriods. The average Facebook fan has 229 friends, so think about how many people you can reach through your current fans.
And of course you want to make sure your posts are a mix of things. Don’t just posts questions, don’t just post photos, and don’t just post links to your blog.

Good luck and have fun being social. It really should be fun to run a Facebook page. If  not you should have someone else do it for you, cause your fans love to interact with you!

Hope this is once again helpfull.

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