Five Facebook Tips 9

It’s been a few weeks since I did a post with Facebook tips. By now you all know that Timeline is implemented on all Facebook pages. I’m still surprised to see various Facebook pages without a cover photo. Social media has become the front yard of your business, whether you like it or not. So why wouldn’t you invest some time in making it look good?

More and more people have a smartphone, which means more and more people are checking their various social media platforms from their phone. This also means that people visit websites less and less (from their phone). So your website now has more of an arche function. It’s not dead, but it’s function is changing. If you sell on your website, this isn’t too different.
Unless you start caring about your fans (and consumers) on social media, and make an emotional connection with them, people aren’t going to your website when you tell them too (on the social media platforms).

Below are 5 more tips for Facebook, mainly about the new Timeline. In case you missed it, make sure to check out the Facebook Timeline article that I wrote for Transworld Business in late March.

1. Turn of the message option
I’m a big fan of the Facebook Timeline, but one of the few things that I don’t like about it is the messaging option. This basically allows every single fan to send you a private message.
Why I don’t like this? I want people to post on your wall, so I can see your answer. This will also prevent that some people ask the same question, at least in a short period of time. You know you have to reply to everyone that leaves a question/comment on your page right? And yes, you will have to answer the same questions over and over again, get used to it. Show that you care!
Having a public conversation with one of your fans also allows other fans to join the conversation, or even better, answer some of the questions for you.
To turn off the messaging option go to “Admin Panel”, “Manage”, “Edit Page”. Once you land on the “Manage Permissions” tab just uncheck the “Show “Message” button” in the middle of the screen.

2.  How to feed your Instagram photo into Facebook.
You’re lazy, I get it. You think the best invention in social media is the automat feed  from one platform into the other.
I do think it’s good to feed one platform into another one, just to show your fans you are also active on something else besides Facebook, but only 1 out of 5, or 1 out of 10 times.
With Instagram hitting 40 million users (Facebook has 845 million FYI) you could feed an Instagram photo into your Facebook page every now and then. But when you do, just put some text with your Instagram photo, and then feed it into Facebook. Afterwards you leave an additional comment on your Instagram photo with the tags and hashtag.
Since the tags and hashtags from Instagram to Facebook lose their value, it doesn’t make sense to have those show up in Facebook. It just makes it look messy. Keep it clean.

3. Don’t share a link, post it yourself and tag others
Every self respecting brand should be posting content themselves, and tagging others whenever possible. Even is the content is from others, you want to have your fans see that you are giving them the news, so they have a good reason to keep following you. When you tag others Facebook pages (you can’t tag friend profiles from a fan page), your post shows up on the wall of the pages you tagged, meaning their fans see that you have a Facebook page. This is the perfect way to gain legit fans. Don’t tag random Facebook pages, you don’t want to spam.
When you share a link from another Facebook page your post won’t show up on their wall, so you’re blowing a great opportunity to grow your fan base.

4. Don’t tag your own page in a post
Relax, people will see your page. When you tag others pages in a post your post will show up on the wall of the other pages, and people will see your page. So no need to tag your own page in that post. If your content is good, people will come to you, if not, than you should do something about the content you’re posting. No need to overdo it. Give it some time, just like your business your Facebook page won’t grow exponentially overnight.

5. Change your cover photo often, but not too often.
Your cover photo should be a cool image, maybe a resized print ad or a rad photo. But since most people see your updates in their feed, and not on your actual page, you should keep the cover photo up for a little bit. I think brands are best off with changing the cover photo every month, and have it go along with the print ad. If you really feel 1 month is too long I suggest changing it once every 2 weeks.
Will be good to have the cover photo go along with a giveaway, a new product or a tour/event you have coming up.

Check out Facebook tips part 8 for more Timeline tips and tricks. And check the  Timeline tutorial to see all the specs for the cover photo and the profile image.

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