Five Instagram Tips Part 6

We’re at the end of another good week. My personal highlight this week was my first social media article on Transworld Business that went live early Thursday morning.

My good friend Floris Gierman called me up 2 weeks and said that after checking out this website I should hit up some trade/B2B magazines. The next day I emailed a handful of action sport focused magazine, and Mike Lewis, editor of Transworld Business, said he would be down to get something started right away.

The article that went live on Thursday is about Instagram, and gives you 5 basic tips for using Instagram. Most of them I’ve already mentioned here in the past few weeks. My ugly smug even got a prime spot on the homepage. Scary but cool. So far the article got over 9,000 views in the first 3 days. Thanks again Mike!

OK, back to the Sunday Instagram tips on this blog. Just like every Sunday I’ll be giving you 5 more Instagram tips today.

1. How to change your Instagram password
You can’t change your Instagram password from your iPhone, so get behind a computer and go to or and click on “Edit Account” at the bottom of the page. Log in if needed and once again scroll down the page and click on “Click here to change your password”.  This will take you to the page where you can create a new password.
Once you’ve changed the password on your computer grab your iPhone and log in with you new password.

2. How to delete an Instagram comment
If you want to delete a comment, either your own or from someone else, go to the photo and click on “comment”. Click on the wheel in the top right corner and now every comment on your photo will get a red circle on the left of it. Tap on red circle and confirm your action by tapping “delete” on the right side.
I don’t really delete people’s comments on my own photos. If they are drunk or trying to be funny, let them be. Only if it gets offensive or just plain stupid I delete their comment. I do use it every now and then when I just uploaded the photo and I either made a typo in the caption/text, or I forgot something.

*Please note that if delete the first caption/text and you shared your photo to Twitter, Facebook or something else, that the text there won’t change. Maybe another good reason to not feed (every) Instagram photo(s) to your other social media platforms….

3. Have a plan for your hashtag for events
Going on a trip or tour? Decide before the thing kicks off what hashtag you want people to use, and inform everyone that is a part of this. Teamriders, filmers, photographers, TMs, shops you’re visiting on the trip and the media. Maybe even tell your followers to use it in some way and do a giveaway with it so people want to get involved. Who doesn’t want to win free shit?
When your hashtag gets used a lot by various people, you get more eyes on your brand. And besides that it’s a good way to look back on a trip after a few/weeks or months. Just search for the hashtag and bring back the memories.

4. How to handle multiple Instagram accounts with one app
Unlike Twitter the official Instagram account won’t let you handle multiple accounts. You have to log out of one and log back in to the other. Quite annoying and pretty time consuming.
Currently Instagram does not offer anything to handle multiple accounts. When I created an account for Altamont and Emerica in early April 2011, this was one of the first requests I emailed Instagram. I for sure thought they would add that feature quickly, but they haven’t yet.

I did find another app a few months ago called Fotogramme that will let you handle multiple accounts. Only downside with this app is that you can’t upload any photos to any of the accounts from the app. And that is of course the main feature we would like! With the Fotogramme app you can get profile information, view/like and comment on photos, follow/block users and search hashtag and users.

5. Give someone a shout out
In the last few weeks I’ve gained a lot of Instagram followers thanks to shout outs from Metro skateshop and Epidemic skateshop. And about a week ago Lowcard re-posted a photo I shot of my niece Cassidy rocking the world famous Lowcard longshoreman beanie.

You know that if you hit the “Sleep” and “Home” button at the same time you take a screen shot with you iPhone right?
Anyway, you think I was stoked and thankful that I got a shout out from Metro, Epidemic and Lowcard? Fuck yeah! Did I gain some legit followers? Yes. Is it most likely that I will (hash)tag them in the future? So true!
Support those who support you. U-N-I-T-Y! (Op. Ivy reference)

Questions or comments? Drop ‘em below!
Or shoot me an email at [email protected]

For more Instagram tips see part 5 from last week.

28 thoughts on “Five Instagram Tips Part 6

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  2. Can you please tell me if there is a way or place to view all comnent I have left for others? I joined to see my account more clearly but I cannot find this there either.

    • Hi Gingergmb, do you mean the comments you leave on the photos of others? If so, the only way to track that is to go back to that actual photo. If people respond to you and they tag you then you can see it in your “news” section within the app. Let me know if that works. Thanks!

      (ps. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been having some issues with my site)

  3. Very informative article, helpful to any and all Instagram users. By dropping the f-bomb randomly toward the end you just turned off the under aged, conservative, the older generation, etc. Heck, I’m pretty liberal and wouldn’t have an issue with it, but wasn’t expecting it in such a well written article that seems like it’s from Huffington Post or a PC magazine and not LA Weekly. Just a tip. You might gain a broader readership, if that matters to you, because these were very good tips for all Instagram users. In fact, I’d like to post a link on my companies Facebook page but cannot due to one word. Take care.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your comment and the nice words about this post. That means a lot to me.

      Sorry the f-bomb turned you off, I do realize that some people might not like that. Of course I want my articles to be read by anyone that has an interest in the topics I discus.

      It’s most likely my excitement, mixed with my background in action sports, that causes these “random” f-bombs. I’ll try to keep it in mind for future post.

      Thanks again for the heads up.

      • Regardless of whether someone blogs for personal or professional purposes, I appreciate the honesty and character that comes across when writers use whatever language they normally do. Keeps it real. Just my two cents.

  4. Hi i used to be able to delete my comments but now it comes up with error, can’t verify and the comment remains there. Do you know how to fix this? I have an iphone3. Thanks

  5. Can I PLEASE have a shoutout? I have been using this app for about 2 years and my account is going NOWHERE. If you can give me a shout out, thank you soo much and you can delete it immediately. If not, I totally understand. My username is @funnypicsforya . Thanks so much!

  6. I bought tons of followers online and its kinda fishy getting 150 likes on a pic with 14k followers. about 3k of them are legit and i want to know how to delete all my fake followers that i bought so i can go back to my old 3k

    • Yes they can. Just be careful to not over post.
      An event can be the exception on my “max 3 photos a day” but the last thing you want to do is overpost and annoy people.
      Twitter and Facebook are better platforms to live report.

  7. I just came across your page & I love it!
    Question: I have 2 instagram accts, & yes I log in and out of each of them no prob. But, just recently when I go to share a phot to facebook, say from my company one to the company facebook page, it shares it to my personal page. This had never happened before. As long as I was logged into each particular fb page, the pic would go to that correct fb page. I noticed that it showed my personal page’s name in part of the setup but didn’t have a place to edit it. Any suggestions?

    • I just emailed you the step-by-step on how to have Instagram feed your Facebook page. It could be that when you log in and out of Instagram accounts that the settings are rest (by Instagram). Hope that helps!

  8. Oh! Also, I want the business page to show what pics I like on instagram on facebook. Well, when im logged in as the business, my personal pages shows “I” liked them, not the business page. Thanks again.

  9. If I post a comment and later in the day it has the red exclamation, could that mean someone deleted it or would it just disappear from everywhere?

    • No that means the comment didn’t go through. Could be because you have poor or no reception at the time of posting. Click on the red exclamation and click Try Again. (or Delete)

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