Five Instagram Tips Part 5

After the guest tips from Steve Clare last week, we’re back to another batch of tips from me.

1. Makes sure your hashtag works
You can’t use any punctuation marks in a hashtag. So the hashtag #iwon’t will be archived as #iwon. The hashtag ends wherever you put the punctuation mark in.  ( , . ; ‘ ? ! – + etc.). Also make sure to leave a space before, and after the hashtag to have it show up correctly.
I mostly try to use 3 or less hashtags per photo. An overdose of hashtags makes each hashtags less valuable.

2. Double tap to like
This is one of the basic ones but it wasn’t included in the first versions of the app. If you want to like a photo you can do so by simply double tapping on the photo. Of course you can also tap on the “like” button (once) below the photo.
The only downside with the double tap is that I keep seeing people go though their feed and like every photo…. Since it’s so easy to like a photo it’s also way less valuable.
So if you really want to show someone you like their photo, leave a comment.

3. Go to the top of the feed with one tap
This is something that works for every iPhone app. Tap the status bar, at the top of your screen (where the time is displayed), once and you’ll go to the top of the page.
I use this a lot with my email and phone list too.

4. How to change your username if needed
Both with Instagram and Twitter is super easy to change your username, if the username you want is still available. I understand that you have this super weird nickname that you like to use, but again, think long term and think big. Because of social media everyone is their own brand, so beware. Do you know any brand that uses a different name on social media?
Not saying you must use your real name, but it will help. If you don’t have your real name as your username, at least have your real name in your profile.
Tap the right button on the bottom and go to “edit profile” to change your info. The first 2 lines are for your regular name (first and last), the 3rd line is your username.

5. Do a giveaway and get other users involved
People love free shit, and skateboard kids are no exception. The most interactive instragammer in my feed is by far Metro skateshop from Pleasant Hill, CA (Bay Area). Every other week they do a giveaway with a product the sell in their shop. A few weeks ago they did a Thunder/Chris Cole giveaway.

Besides posting this flyer on their own Instagram it was also posted on the Thunder facebook page and the DLX website. Numerous DLX employees, as well as friends of the shop, posted it on their personal Instagram account.
Think that gained Metro some more followers? Think those followers are mostly skateboarders? Think it gained Chris Cole some more followers?
And besides all that, it also brought some extra attention to Metro, Thunder and Chris Cole. Plus someone won a free pair of trucks. So all this great promotion for all parties involved, for one set of trucks.
We asked Joel Jutagir, owner of Metro skateshop, about the impact of this giveaway: “We has been playing with different ways to garner attention to what we do at the shop. Our latest efforts have been focused on Instagram where there’s tons of interaction due to the platforms simplicity and the way you can tell a story visually. It’s right up our alley!
We did a giveaway for Chris Cole’s new Thunder Truck, what we saw was some large accounts, 5000+ came on board and posted for us. That helped spread the word to everybody in their feed. Even small accounts that posted helped us out a ton. More importantly it opened up lines of communication and exposed them to the fact that were a bunch of goofs, that like to ride skateboards, have fun and on occasion sell something. We are also involved in their feeds now, dropping likes and comments and staying in touch.
Instagram a great way to stay in touch and share what makes you tick!”

*Make sure whatever giveaway you do on Instagram complies with the Instagram terms.

Interaction on social media is not only a must, it’s also super easy. Do believe the hype.

Questions or comments? Drop ‘em below!
Or shoot me an email at [email protected]

For more Instagram tips see part 4 from last week.

23 thoughts on “Five Instagram Tips Part 5

  1. I have a problem. I want to change my username and make it similar to my twitter username. I tried to change it but Instagram told me someone else uses it. I searched the username, but no results. My Instagram is connected to my twitter. Any help?

  2. what happens with old @myoldusername links when i have changed to @mynewusername, and what happens to @myoldusername, can someone else take @myoldusername and can I make a new user with @myoldusername?

  3. Hello i have three questions. I was wondering if i delete my account how long will it take for stuff linked to me to be deleted? and also if i change my username instead, will people still be able to click on my old username and be able redirected to my new username or does it stop at my old username? So if username “@hithere” liked a photo or left a comment, will a person (not following me or being followed by me) be directed to the new username “@hithere2” or will it show up as username not found?

    • Your account and all your photos will be deleted instantly. If you change your username your old one won’t work anymore. It shows “Page Not Found”. Only the people that already follow you will be able to loom you up. (in their followers list). Hope that helps!

      • is there a delay in changing one name and it being available to someone else? i have two accounts and i want to swap names but im worried that someone will take one of them when its in “limbo” so to speak. i need to be able to swap them instantly and im not sure that is possible. Loosing one of my account names would be really bad for my businesses.

          • I just read a random comment online saying that if you change the username while the account is still active, then that username will be available for use, etc. However, if you delete the account that the username is associated with then that username will be unavailable to anyone for a year. Is this valid info?

  4. Hello, someone blocked me and I blocked him back. Now in case I want to unblock that person will I be able to do it? Since I m also blocked I can see his profile! Hope my comment make sense! lol Thanks in advance! Also if I blcoked him will my comments still be on his pic?

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