Five Twitter Tips Part 4

Five more Twitter tips on this Valentine Tuesday. Hope they help you!

1. Don’t tag yourself
No need to tag yourself in a tweet. People already know your twitter name if they see the tweet.

2. Delete all your tweets at once if you want a fresh start
Stepping up your twitter game? Starting to use it for your business and don’t want the whole world to see your drunken rants? Delete all your tweets at once by using something like TwitWipe. TwitWipe is free and doesn’t always work perfect, but have some patience and you’ll be ready for a new start.

3. Handle Twitter on it’s own
I’ve mentioned before that I strongly suggest to not feed other social media platforms into Twitter. But the more brands and shops I see on Twitter, the more auto feeds I see. I also see a lot of people linking to Facebook or other social media platforms….
The success of your Twitter is strongly dependent on how serious you take it. You need to tag others, use hashtags and type your message in no more then 160 tokens (140 with link or photo). And actively participate in the Twitter world! If you don’t want to do this then just delete your account and focus on the other social media platforms.

4. Have a clear avatar (profile picture)
Your avatar is pretty crucial. Show a clear photo of yourself, or a logo if you are a brand or shop. You want to make sure people know it’s you.
The specs of the avatar are 128 x 128 (scaled down to 48 x 48 in stream). Make sure the image is at least 48k, and max 700k.

5. Spent limited time on your background
Most people will follow you on their smart phone or computer, and if your tweet shows up in their feed only your avatar will show. Only if they go to your Twitter page ( they will see your background image and colors. Go to profile -> settings -> design. The get some info on the background specs check out this post on Banyan
So I do suggest to customize that so it’s branded, but don’t spent too much time on it, since most people don’t come there too often.

Thanks for checking out the tips for this week!
Check part 3 of the Twitter tips if you haven’t already.

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