Five Facebook Tips #4

A little late this Friday but with the weekend coming up you’ll have all the time in the world to read this 4th Facebook post. Haha!

1. Look at the “hidden post” tab daily (fan page only)
If you’re an admin of a fan page, you see a “hidden post” tab between the wall and the info tab on the left. The “hidden post” tab is a spam filter that catches a lot of comments that aren’t spam. So you should check it daily and approve the comments that aren’t spam, and delete the real spam comments. You can even block the user of the spam comments if needed. Click on the arrow in the right upper corner of the post to see the options.
Once you approve the non-spam comments make sure to respond to them. If people leave a comment on your page, but don’t see it (because it ended up in the “hidden post”) they might have posted it a few more times. So you might see the same comment multiple times in the “hidden post” tab. Approve one and delete the other one(s).
Even if you reply after a few days people will still be thankful that you took the time to respond. You might have missed a few chances for a sale (real time social media is coming up big time), but now you know for the future.

2. Stop liking and start commenting back
It’s easy to like every comment that people post on your Facebook wall, but does it really take that much extra time to write something back? Even a simple “thank you” will be appreciated 10 times more than a like. You agree with me that your (possible) consumer is worth this extra effort right?

3. No need to “use Facebook as YOUR BRAND”.
If you’re an admin for a Facebook fan page you can’t leave a comment on your personal name. If you’re logged into (your personal) Facebook and you leave a comment on the fan page (that you’re an admin for) your comment will automatically be posted as the fan page (the brand). Makes it easy right?
The fact that you can’t leave a comment with your personal profile on the fan page you manage is awesome. I would like to see actual comments (and likes) from your fans. Besides that, I’m already assuming you like the post you just wrote. And you’re not the consumer, so your opinion doesn’t matter. Good content will always get likes and comments. Your one comment (or like) is not going to change that.

4. It’s not just about the number of fans, it’s about the people that are talking about this
How many fans does your page has? People ever ask you that? It would be one of the first questions I would ask. But it’s not just about the number of fans. My next question would be: Below the number of fans it says “talking about this”. This number is the number of fans that “talked about you” on Facebook in the last 7 days. They did one of the following things in the last week:

– Liked your page
– Posted on your wall
– Liked, commented, or shared a page’s status update, photo, or video
– Answered a question posted by a page
– RSVP-ed to an event hosted by the page
– Tagged your page
– Tagged a page in a photo
– Liked or shared a check-in deal
– Checked in at a place

Now this is what you should be trying to increase! Every time people do any of the things mentioned above, all their friends will see it in their feed. So your page gets exposed to all the friends of your fans. Who wants fans if they don’t interact?

5. Ask your fans questions!
Remember the time before Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? All these brands, in every kind of industry, would hire different companies to do surveys to see where their brand was positioned among the consumers.
Ever done once of those surveys? I did a couple, in high school. Thought I was taking it super serious and answered every question with a long and valuable answer? Or did I just check off a bunch of multiple choice questions so I could go home earlier and skate? Yeah, I was just another one of those teenagers….

So here you have it. 800 million people all across the world are using Facebook. Think your consumer is on there? I think so too. And the parents and friends of your consumer are on there too. So start asking them some questions!!!
Want to know if your fans like blue shoes better than red shoes? Or if they want stretch in their jeans? Or would you like to know where they buy your product?
People love to tell you what they’re opinion is and what they do! And if some people start talking shit about your brand, your other fans will answer back to him. Try it out, you won’t regret it.

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