Theotis Beasley On Instagram

In late March 2011 Theotis Beasley asked me if I could help him set up a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. A few weeks earlier I set up a Facebook fan page and Twitter account for Braydon Szafranski, and Theotis saw an opportunity for himself too in the social media world.

Theotis told me he would soon trade in his blackberry for an iPhone, as you can’t easily update a Facebook fan page from a blackberry (fail!). I told him after I set it all up I would handle both accounts for him (in a minimal way), until he would get an iPhone. At the time I was handling the Altamont website, as well as the Altamont Facebook and Twitter. Any follower (on Facebook and Twitter) of Theotis is a potential Altamont consumer, so it would only help out both parties.

A few weeks turned into a few months, and it wasn’t until last week that I got a text from Theotis saying “iPhone baby!”. By now I was no longer working for Altamont (Sole Technology) but I wanted to keep my promise and help him get started. So last Tuesday I went over to his house and spent a little over 2 hours showing him some general tips and tricks for the iPhone, as well as teaching him how to use Instagram.

In October I had claimed his Instagram account (@TheotisB), so all his social media usernames are the same (c’mon people, it’s that easy, don’t look like a kook). Instagram has grown to 15 million users in less than a year, and a lot of (pro) skateboarders, shops and industry heads are using it daily. It’s easier to use than Facebook and Twitter, so I figured I just explain the basics of instagram to Theotis, and then have that feed into his Twitter.

Before the first photo Theotis had 1200 followers. We tested out a photo of Theotis and DMX at the Agenda Show a few days earlier. Within 20 minutes this photo made the popular page, which is an “award” that many people on Instagram hope for every day. Not bad huh for a first photo….

Right after the photo made the popular page I showed him how to make a screenshot, and post that on his Insta to thank everyone for their likes/comments. Some of his followers that were in the screenshot commented on the photo telling Theotis how stoked they were that they were in the screenshot.

As a final test, and as a returning favor, I asked Theotis to post a photo of me on his Instagram. I told him he should tag me and add a hashtag, to see if he understood my Instagram help. Check out Theotis on Twitter or Instagram to see if that worked….

Two days and three photos later Theotis is close to 1900 followers on Instagram. And he is just getting started.

PS. Recently Theotis Beasley teamed up with Crush Management, so they’ll be helping him out from now on with his social media stuff, among other things.