Five Facebook Tips #1

Here are some Facebook tips for a personal profile and a fan page.

1. How to post a link.
When posting a link post the URL into the status bar, hit the space bar once and wait for the text (and image) to pop up below. Now delete the URL and type in the text. If the link contains multiple images you can choose which image you want to show with the post.

2. Claim your Facebook URL and sync it with the others.
If you haven’t done this already you better get this going asap! Go to and pick a URL for your personal profile or the brand page(s) you handle. Try to keep it short and possibly use the same name as your website and other social media sites.
E.g. My website is, my facebook URL is (and my twitter is Make it easy for yourself and for your followers to find you!

3. Post a photo to start interaction.
Photos will most of the time get the most engagement, followed by video and text. With any smartphone it’s super easy to snap a photo and upload it. When posting a video remember to leave the URL out of the post (see #1). Don’t be afraid to ask a question, your followers want to interact with you!

4. Respond to every comment or question.
When running a fan page for a brand or organization YOU HAVE TO reply to everyone. The fact that people are posting on your wall should be seen as ultimate promotion for you and your brand. Thank people for posting stuff, asking questions, or just telling you how much they like your brand or product. When someone posts something negative don’t delete it, but answer their complaint/concern and see if you can help them. Big chance that if you solve the issue they will leave a positive comment in the near future.

5. Facebook is not a website!
The best thing about social media is that it’s a 2-way of communication. So stop pushing your shit down people’s throat! If people follow you that means they are interested in your brand. So try to get a conversation going. Don’t post product every day, as people can go to your website at any time to see your collections. The brands that are making an emotional connection will grow their business sooner than later. The more personal a brand becomes, the more likely the followers are to buy it’s product and tell their friends and family about it.

And yes, it is a lot of work, but who said running a business was easy?

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